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I get questions pretty regularly about various pieces of my setup, so I thought I would create a uses page inspired by Wes Bos's! I will try and keep this updated.

my desktop setup with computer, desk, and fairy lights

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Text Editor

My Visual Studio Code setup with the fairy floss theme and fira code font

I have a full post on my text editor setup; however, I use Visual Studio Code. I use Fira Code for my font, and I switch between the Fairy Floss and Dracula themes. Both are excellent on a projector!

Terminal Setup

my zsh and iterm terminal setup

I also have a full post on my terminal setup, but the short version is that I use Zsh and iTerm!

Desktop Apps

  • I use Sketch for design work and creating my infographics and post headers.
  • I use TickTick as my to do list app, I really like the recurring tasks.
  • I use Fantastical for syncing my three Google calendars.
  • I am completely reliant on Spectacle for desktop management! I really struggle on computers where I can't use the keyboard shortcuts for moving windows around.
  • I use Grammarly Pro for proofreading my blog posts -- the free version is great as well, but I love how you can customize your tone in the paid version.

Blogging Tools



I made my own desk with a few different Ikea pieces!

My desk chair isn't sold anymore, but its a grey padded chair with wooden legs from Target.

I have fairy lights, succulents, and Flower Pots that store art supplies on my desk!

The art above my desk is made by Rifle Paper Co..