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Hello, World

Hello, World


So I'm going in a different direction with my blog posts, or at least a little bit. As you may know if you follow me online, I am not who most people think of if they imagine a typical developer -- I am a young women whose interests are pretty far outside most people I know in the field. I love fashion, beauty, awful trashy tv shows like The Bachelor and Vanderpump Rules, I work out a lot, and my developer setup is all pink and purple. On the other hand, I've never seen Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and don't really relate to a lot of the culture that comes with tech.

All that to say -- I want to build a blog that would appeal to me, and especially to pre-software engineer me. I want to show that people like me do exist in this industry and show a snapshot into my life as a developer. It's going to be a combination of the lifestyle blogs I love to follow, my normal technical posts, and the cultural critiques I occasionally like to dish out.

As for the name of the blog, I am going to call it the "Zen of Programming" firstly because it kinda fits the theme but secondly it is a spin on the "Zen of Python" which is my favorite (I even have it hanging on the wall in my apartment).

I'm really excited about this project and hope you will follow along! You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe to weekly emails about new posts! I will still be crossposting my technical posts to as well, where my old posts will live!


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Hi! Welcome to the Zen of Programming where I talk about programming and my life surrounding it!